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domus 2016.12

Kids Design Week in domus


"Set up a bridge between adults and children"
The Kids Design Week (October 2016) with the topic "Grow down, shrink up", curated and co-organized by Crossboundaries, is featured in the December issue of domus.
Read about the content of the event and other projects by Crossboundaries.

Urbanism and Architecture (UA), Soyoo Joyful Growth Center 2016.09

Soyoo Joyful Growth Center in Urbanism and Architecture


World Architecture 2016.07

Soyoo Joyful Growth Center in World Architecture


Read about Soyoo and its colour concept in this issue of World Architecture on "Colourful Architecture"

Architecture Asia issue 3. 2015

Aimer Fashion Design in Architecture Asia


Vision Young July & August 2016

Soyoo Joyful Growth Center In Vision Young

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