Project: BMW Tianjin Longbaohang 5S dealership

BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.
Tianjin, China
Designable area:
5000 sqm
Design period:
Aug 2012 - Jan 2013
Sep 2013 - Dec 2013
Hao Dong,Binke Lenhardt
Crossboundaries, Beijing
BMW China design team
Hao Dong

Introducing two design elements that intervene with BMW’s visual identity to unifying the entire space. Timber wraps and display walls complemented with additional materials allow the perception of a homogeneous space with clearly defined functional spaces.

timber wraps and display walls

The timber wraps create islands of continuous surface, either by repetition of wooden frames or a wooden ceiling and wall. The display wall defines areas, pathways and controls views. As a free standing element or on one side of a space, functioning as a continuous exhibition surface. The walls further integrate a bar and access to supporting functions, movie theater and restrooms.

There is a clear distinction between corporate showcase and customer service. The general layout is determined by BMW's architectural standards, the first floor assigned for exhibition and above is the customer VIP area. Providing a combination of large open areas and smaller enclosed private spaces, a specific material and colour palette is pre-assigned.