Projekt: Cultural Space Beijing

Type of project:
Feasibility Study
798 Art District Beijing, China
Design Period:
April 2013
Designable area:
1000 sqm
Crosssboundaries, Beijing
Partners in charge:
Binke Lenhardt, DONG Hao
Anne-Charlotte Wiklander, Irene Solà, Diego Caro, LI Zhenyu
not realized

In the distinct envelope of a former socialist factory building in the 798 Art District, two volumes of functional units are inserted. Honoring the history and manufacturing a new spatial arrangement for a German cultural space.

culture in history

Built in the 1950's to manage the sort fall in production of electronics the building was part of a much bigger complex built in cooperation with East Germany as part the Socialist Unification Plan. Today the complex is now inhabited by various members of the artistic community.

The protected building with arced saw tooth ceiling still has Maoist slogans painted in bright red characters. The design focuses on elevating the vibrancy of the factory's historic shell by keeping the new functional volumes subdued in appearance. The concept honors the existing structure, building envelope and spatial qualities.

The volumes define the space for events, performance and exhibits and are multi functional. Each volume houses multiple units, within them enclosed services are created for offices and meeting rooms, their perimeters are wrapped in the library and information points and on top gathering and reading spaces, nestled between the arcs of the roof.