Projekt: Shenzhen Pingshan Jinlong Pre-fab School

Shenzhen, China
Jinlong School, Shenzhen
16,172 sqm
Design period (including feasibility study):
July 2018 – September 2018
August 2019 (expected)
Construction period:
October 2018 - August 2019 (expected)
Crossboundaries, Beijing
Partners in charge:
Binke Lenhardt, DONG Hao
Design team:
GAO Yang, GAN Li, Silvia Campi, David Eng, HOU Jinghui, Eric Chen, WANG Xudong.

Pre-fabricated structures represent high efficiency and quality, but it is sometimes criticized for being dull because of repetition. Under the condition and request of the client, this project utilize the advantages of pre-fabrication to the maximum, and sort and analyzed educational areas and residential areas. This allows the layout to be concise but not dull, as well as introduces variation in the unified façade.
Because of the small site area, this design elevates the school to a vertical structure to satisfy the education and usage requirement. This reliefs the compressed layout due to high density environment and fully utilizes the multi-functional rooms. This project lifts the sports field off the ground and incorporates arts and multi-functional rooms into educational and residential areas. Students and teacher and fully immerse into the school environment, but not be pressured by high density, making the environment stereoscopic and interesting.
This project puts the sports field in the middle of the school site, and integrate it with public spaces, arts and multi-functional rooms, activating the center area of the site. The theater placed on the two sides of the site resonates with the public spaces in the middle and creates a public corridor that runs through the length of the site. The open courtyard that connects the education buildings allows for cross circulation between students and teachers in different buildings. On the other side of the side, multiple public spaces incorporated into the residential buildings provide communication spaces for residences.