Box of creative room

Projekt: Siemens Paradigm Shift Office

North East Asia Siemens Real Estate (NEA SRE)
Beijing, China
Office Buildings
420 sqm
February - August 2011
Binke Lenhardt, Dong HAO
Crossboundaries, Beijing
YANG Chaoying

Treating this office interior as if it were an urban environment, like the Hutongs of Beijing. Vistas, open areas and narrow spaces, are defined by six boxes enriching the experience of the space. Where the most diverse of behaviors can coexist, bringing out the best of each other.

inside the box

Technology has had an impact on the way we work, allowing greater flexibility, easier communication, and interaction. Most of our work places still follow the model of a century ago. To fulfill the potential technology offers we need to redefine workspace.

In thinking outside the box, we put everything inside the box. The box became the tool that defines the space without dividing it. Turning these areas into sacred capsules of interaction. Elevated so that you can step up into or step down out of the communication space. Becoming a kind of ceremonial behavior within the office life.

Six boxes, each offering a unique environment, both inside and outside. Glass walls on three edges and a “functional wall” encloses the fourth. Keeping the interior visually accessible, making transparency an inherent characteristic of the box. Enclosing the fourth edge the "functional wall" is the feature that allows each box to house more than one function and further shape the space.