Projekt: CITYMAKERS China–Germany, Future of Living

Future of Living Team:
Binke Lenhardt, Registered Architect, member BDA and founder of Crossboundaries, Beijing.
Iris Belle, Architect, Geographer and Assistant Professor at Tongji University Shanghai.
Erhard An-He Kinzelbach, Full Professor at Bochum University of Applied Sciences, Registered Architect and founder of KNOWSPACE architecture + cities BDA
Kristof Schmid, Deputy General Manager, Landsea Europe, Director of China Green Building Council
Germany, Master of civil engineering and real estate economist (IREBS)
Thomas Kraubitz, Registered Architect and Urban Planner (Germany), Member of the DGNB Technical -Committee and Head of Sustainability Buro Happold Engineering Cities Europe
Robert Bosch Foundation
CONSTELLATIONS International, Shanghai and Berlin
Cooperation partner:
Stadtkultur International e.V

What are the challenges for the future of living in times of demographic change, regional and national migration, rapid urbanization, and hypermobility of labor? Via interviewing and close cooperation with inhabitants and experts, CITYMAKERS Future of Living’s goal is to reintegrate the human aspect and scale into urbanity, our cities, with the ultimate goal of a 1:1 prototype.

shaping the city for human needs

CITYMAKERS China–Germany is a research platform, initiated in 2016 and funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation, for contemporary issues and social challenges in the urban context. Using successful models of German structures, CITYMAKERS investigates how and if they can be successfully implemented elsewhere through the lens of three projects.

Binke Lenhardt, founding partner of Crossboundaries, Beijing, is one of three team leaders in the project “Future of Living”. In focus is how to improve the quality of living in future mega cities, how to create a sense of belonging in the more and more anonymous densities of the cities and empower people to take charge and to participate?

Within these criteria is the promotion and establishment of sustainable and affordable neighborhoods,
openness towards universal values, multi-functionality and flexibility of use, and welcoming the added value given by sharing.

Together, An-He, Binke Lenhardt and Iris Belle lead the Sino-German framework development of the focus topic ‘Future Living’ in parallel with two other topics ‘Culture and Identity’ and ‘Urban Farming Incubator ’, informed by a team of architects, urbanists, geographers, sociologists and psychologists.

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