Projekt: Danling SOHO signage design

Beijing, China
Gross floor area:
43,200 sqm
Design period:
from March - June 2011
Construction period:
June 2011
DONG Hao, Binke Lenhardt
Interior Design:
Mi2, Beijing
Environmental graphic:
Crossboundaries, Beijing

Dan Ling SOHO (Zhong Guan Cun Financial Plaza) is located in the core area of Zhong Guan Cun, the technical hub of Beijing, and has a building area of 43200 sqm. It is a building block, which comprises mainly commercial and office functions. Our scope of work ranged from the development of a logo and font design to the orientation signage, both inside the building and in the surroundings.
In order to give the building a fresh image, which attracts young people, and following the line initiated by the interior design company Mi2, cartoon imagery was used to develop the graphic design. The color palette follows as well the color chart of the interior.
Signage system design include 3 main parts, visual identity signage(logo), orientation signage and advertisement signage.
Logo typography were inspired by imitate sound words which often appear in the carton serial pictures, such as ‘HUR’,’GAH’. It works like speak out announces to get people’s attention. The logo sign was applied on the façade of the building top, as well as on the main entrance ground.
Orientation signage and advertisement signage we use strong color contrast and used dialogue bubbles to create distinct character to get people’s attention.
In additional, we created dialogue bubbles applied on the wall in elevator hall and conference room and handwritten lines applied on glass in the signing room, to unify and vitalize the space.