Projekt: Haikou School, Hainan

Haikou, Hainan
Affiliated High School of Peking University
Design period (Feasibility study, SD & DD):
September 2016 - April 2017
Current Status:
Under Construction
Partners in charge:
Binke Lenhardt, DONG Hao
Design Team:
Libny Pacheco, Sidonie Kade, Tracey Loontjens, Cynthia Cui, Dian Tang, GAN Li, HAO Hong Yi, Sean Yu, Silvia Campi, WANG Xudong.
DGN Design Studio, Hainan HUALEI Architecture Design and Consultant Co., Ltd.

A new school project of us in Haikou is under construction. The total construction area is around 130,000 square meters, planned for 1,500 students in middle school and 2,100 students in high school. The school aims to be completed in 2019 and start to admit students in the same year.

In our design, a cloud-shaped learning center is placed in the center of the campus, flowing above a spacious library and plenty indoor-outdoor public spaces. Inside this "cloud" there are classrooms for the middle school and high school departments, just like a brain of the school and a communication hub for all students and teachers. At both sides of the "cloud" there are a maker space, an art center, a sports center and students dormitories located.

This creative form roots in the school's innovative education ideas, which will adopt an optional class system and tutorial system, to enable students to conduct inquisitive and experiential learning in various themes and projects.

General Data:
Campus area:  133,340 m²
Architecture Footprint: 32,750 m²
Total Architecture Area: 138,095 m²
FAR: 0.8
Student no: 3600 ppl
Learning Center: 34,167 m²
Sports & Arts Center: 20,831 m²
Dorm: 36,260 m², 1616 ppl
Kitchen & Canteen: 6,000 m²
Houses: 2,500 m²
12th Grade Section: 2,888 m²