Projekt: Helsinki Central Library Competition

Helsinki, Finland
Building gross area:
14,600 sqm
Design period:
March - April 2012
Crossboundaries, Beijing
DONG Hao, Binke Lenhardt
Crossboundaries, Beijing

The library is a missing piece in the urban puzzle. Rising from the ground, two volumes, the 'urban' city and the 'green' park are introduced, interlocking to form a green landmark in the heart of the Finnish capital.

intertwining building and landscape into one entity

Serving as a public space the 'urban' and 'green' extends to the two connected sloping roofs, combining the fabric of the city centre with the green of the Finlandia Park besides Töölö Bay. The volumes counter directions offer different views and house a diverse program that function independently if necessary. This is forming interesting contrasts while complementing one another.

The 'green' volume rises from the north, oriented towards the Finnish parliament, housing more individual functions, such as the library collections and living lab, as well as the lobby. In the opposite direction, the 'urban' volume' overlooks the Finlandia park and beyond to the sea, containing more public functions, such as a cinema, restaurant and cafe.