Projekt: Live With Less

Crossboundaries office and various locations across Beijing
Natalie Bennett

Live With Less is a potential to explore beyond our daily practice, a kind of open source research in our office space. The ambition is for more engagement and experience with people rather than ownership of material objects. Several times a year we host Live With Less in the Crossboundaries office and several more events across the city with our partners. All the events run with same embodied values and some simple rules - bring things that you no longer use, take what you need join the crowd.

It's about reducing excessive consumption.
It's about community.
It's about the possibility in using social capital to create a sharing economy.

Live With Less started with a familiar story, a friend of Crossboundaries was moving home and all her stuff. The friend asked if she could use our office space to hold a takeaway of things she no longer needed. Before we knew it we had some new treasures, made new friends, and a van load of stuff left over. This idea instigated a conversation with The Mind Body Project around our shared values, kick starting the challenge of Live With Less to engage across communities and reduce excessive consumption through sharing economies, all in view of happier lives.