Projekt: MINI Brand Experience Center

BMW Brilliance Automotive, Ltd.
Shanghai, China
Crossboundaries, Beijing in collaboration with BMW China Design Team
Partners in Charge:
Binke Lenhardt, DONG Hao
Cristina Portolés, Brecht Van Acker, Irene Solà
WTL-design & solutions Co Ltd.
360 sqm
Design period:
schematic design September - October 2012; construction documentation April - July 2013
July - September 2013
Text and diagrams:
Crossboundaries Architects, Beijing

Three floating-like boxes stand on top of each other in the iconic MINI colors. The result is born of a compromise between restrictive planning and the brand identity, connecting life style with the core values of boldness, uniqueness, and authenticity, for MINI's brand experience pavilion.

bold, unique, and authentic

In recent years, the Chinese market has become such a hyper-competitive battleground for car-makers, a strong brand isn't enough anymore. Against black, the MINI colors and contrasting white light represent the boldness of the brand and a vibrancy that reflects the inspirational lifestyles of the MINI driver.

Elevating the boxes opens the public space underneath, heightening the curiosity. A black steel “red carpet” lures passers-by in. The visual strength of the boxes as individual elements is secured by the steel structure fitting within the stacked boxes rather than an external structure. Resolved in its entirety through vertical circulation, interior concept and fit out as well as detailing and material consultation.

Each box takes a different function, orientation, and color. The lower box brings the visitor to where MINI belongs: the city. The middle, lifestyle area, is a deliberate translation of branding into architecture. The upper box, a viewing platform and lounge is facing the Chinese pavilion. It is a reward to the visitor and equally a draw to the passer by.