Projekt: Shenzhen Creative Week Exhibition Pavilion

Shenzhen, China 中国深圳
SZFA 深圳家具协会
827.5 sqm
August bis Oktober 2017
März 2018
März 2018
Crossboundaries, Beijing
Binke Lenhardt, DONG Hao
Alan Chou, Giacomo Squaquara, Zaiyuan Xiao.
Dong Hao

Rounded dialog of design and discussion
At Shenzhen Creative Week 2018 Crossboundaries contributed a complete dialog of design practice and theory in the design of the International Booth and bringing forward the conversation on the Human Self in the age of artificial intelligence at The Idea Out Forum

design, practice and theory

From the outside
More than point of display the International Booth created spaces reminiscent of urban exploration and curiosity entwined with interaction and experience. From the exhibition hall the view is of a space that appeared totally unified from the outside, its perimeter fluctuated in opacity and fully opened at points that funnel you in with curiosity to explore beyond.

Design program and limitations
Fulfilling the program requirements for this booth the final design came in two parts, the exhibition and the forum. Together they were realized on a low budget for its temporary nature and within the restrictions of the of the venue and host requirements.

Design elements within
Within the exhibition area five geographic zones, Europe, Italy, Finland, Asia and Mainland China, were defined by the idea of a passage that leads to a central plaza. Once arriving at the “plaza” this gathering space offered a resting point with integrating seating and an information point – an interactive moment for visitors. On the other side the forum, a compact space for presentations and talks with tribune seating for a capacity of 80 is created.